2.1 Admissions

2.1.1  Prospective PSID students will be admitted upon submission of the following requirements:  Identification Photos (2 pcs, 1” x 1”)  Any of the following: For High School Graduates. A copy of the High School Diploma or its equivalent as applicable to students under the DECS home study program.  For Transferees from other Colleges. A copy of their Transcript of Records.  For College Graduates. A copy of their College diploma or official Transcript of Records.

2.2  Student Classification.

2.2.1  Classification by Year Level and Term. Students enrolled at PSID are classified by their year level and term, as prescribed by the curriculum.

2.2.2  Classification by Status. Students enrolled at PSID are also classified in any of the following:


(Equivalent to First Year PSID or Third Year DLS-CSB)

Term 1

Elements & Principles of Design

Mechanical Drawing 1

Color Theory

Freehand Drawing 1

Term 2

History of Art and Architecture

Perspective 1

Materials and Methods 1

Freehand Drawing 2

Mechanical Drawing 2

Term 3

Furniture Styles

Perspective 2

Color Rendering 1

Materials & Methods 2

Ergonomics & Space Planning

Term 4

Decorative Arts

Color Rendering 2

Interior Design

Basic CADD



(Equivalent to Second Year PSID or Fourth Year DLS–CSB)

Term 1

Trends in Interior Design

Research Methodology Interior Architecture

Professional Ethics

Advanced CADD

Term 2

Interior Design 1 (Residential)

Specification Writing

Interior Design Workshop1

Advanced Utilities

Term 3

Interior Design 2 (Commercial)

Business of Interior Design

(Marketing and Management)

Interior Design Workshop 2

Interior Design 3 (Restaurant)

Term 4

Interior Design 4 (Specialized Interiors)


Interior Design Workshop 3


Term 5

Independent Study  Certificate Students. Those students who are enrolled in the full program that the school offers, follow the regular flow of classes, and earn credits that enable them to earn a certificate of completion. A certificate is granted after completion of the Basic Course in Interior Design. Another certificate is granted after completion of the Advanced Course in Interior Design.  Non-Certificate Students. Those students who are enrolled only in a few classes of their choice, do not follow the regular flow of classes, but nevertheless earn credits for their classes without earning a certificate of completion.  Audit Students. Those students who sit-in certain classes only for the purpose of increasing their knowledge of the subject matter or acquainting themselves with certain classroom procedures and do not have any intention of having these subjects credited. Audit students therefore have no limit to absences and are not required to take examinations, submit plates or any other course requirement.  Degree Students. Those students who wish to receive a regular Bachelors Degree and take additional courses through PSID’s consortium agreement with DLS–CSB.

2.3  Enrollment

2.3.1  General Directives and Procedure. Enrollment shall be on a first-come, first-served basis.  New students will be issued enrollment forms only upon submission of all admission requirements.  Old students will be issued enrollment forms only upon completion of all course requirements.  Payment of Tuition Fees confirms enrollment. All students must settle their financial obligations on or before the deadline set by the Registrar’s Office. Students who fail to pay their fees on the specified date shall not be included in the Enrollment List and Grading Sheet. Thus, they are not officially enrolled.

2.3.2  Course Load. Students are allowed to enroll in a minimum of two (2) subjects or a maximum of five (5) subjects per term. Exceptions will be made on a case-to-case basis.

2.3.3  Students will not be allowed to enroll in a subject if he/she has not passed the corresponding pre-requisite subject.

2.3.4  No student will be admitted in the Advanced Course in Interior Design without successfully completing the Basic Course in Interior Design.

2.3.5  Only students who have successfully completed all Academic Requirements of Terms 1 to 4 of the Advanced Course in Interior Design shall be eligible to pursue any thesis work.

2.3.6  ID Issuance and Validation. Students enrolled at PSID are issued an official identification card (ID) that shall be validated for each term of their enrollment.

2.3.7  Consortium Agreement with De La Salle–College of Saint Benilde. PSID graduates may pursue their Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design through the consortium agreement with DLS – CSB. This allows students to take the General Education Subjects facilitated at DLS–CSB.  Consortium students shall follow the subject loading required by DLS – CSB.  Consortium students will be admitted only upon completion of their affiliation form and payment of the affiliation fee required by DLS–CSB.