PSID pays tribute to Filipino furniture makers in “F3”



Elegance, Grace and Sophistication … characteristics that best describes this classy den. Attention is centered on the heavily carved daybed that serves as the area’s focal point. It is an extraordinary modern eclectic room mixed with the intricacy of the baroque influence. Using an elaborately designed piece, the design intent was to tame down on the peripherals of the area. The sampaguita accent incorporates a Filipino touch to the room. Here, the designers incorporated a “high-browse” concept with a modern feel plus a mix of glass, wood and black finish to complete the look.


Inspired by the simplicity of the bahay kubo, we used wood slats as its primal interior-architectural element. The Filipino components are fused with European elements incorporated into the interior – bringing in a feel of ages past, a hint of the days of old joining eastern and western influences and modernizing the whole concept of what a silong is.


When you want separation, with all the hustle and bustle of the world today there is a certain for longing of peace and quietness. When you feel like no one understands you and you want to be alone, this is the perfect veranda where you can feel and do whatever you want to do. There is no boundaries, no restriction, and no complaints. You can hide, but you can’t lie, but yes, you can be free. You can be as bold, wild and free or sensual and solemn from all the ups and downs of this world where nothing else matters.



Rhythm in irony is demonstrated all throughout. The industrial look of this space gives away the occupant’s practical side but the attention to detail and the painstakingly designed pieces give a glimpse of refinement within the very rugged interior. On the other hand, the experimental approach to furniture pieces, like the traditional Filipino “silla perezosa” which borrows the wings of the classic wing chair, give the booth a surprising Filipino twist.



Contemporary tropical inspired by the Filipino culture summarizes this one of its kind bedroom. This relaxing yet trendy reprieve is a stimulating combination of contemporary and tropical designs. The daring use of lavish textures all come together to create one sumptuous entirety with the mix of the finest indigenous materials, the most intricate craftsmanship, and the most exquisite attention to detail.



Created for the music and movie enthusiast, this entertainment lounge is a mix of the modern and the eclectic urging you to let your guard down, ease up and unwind. It offers a temporary escape from the outside world.



Entertainment has now taken a new dimension in our lives as style meets function in this visual representation of a lavish, contemporary Filipino home. It is distinctively classical yet functional and comfortable at the same time.



A luxurious bathroom, accentuated with soft curves and natural elements, serves as a gateway to that enchanting realm only imagined and felt in one’s solitude and dreams. A bath area inspired by the encantos and encantadas of Philippine Mythology, this bathroom gives a sense of serenity and charm like nature at its fantastic form.



Sheen combined with the texture of the natural materials creates a whole new world that will lead you to “Visual Overload”. Floor to ceiling louvers and frosted glass serve as dividers between the foyer and the primary living area where you will find the “Maranaw” inspired capital and base attached to the louvers. With Filipino pattern as a backdrop for frosted glass, color-changing lights, and water flowing endlessly, creates another dimension that captivates the senses.



This is a representation of the modern Filipino couple’s sanctuary. The dual elements represent both the unity and the individuality of the Filipino and the Filipina. The rough and the sleek, the vertical and the horizontal, the warm and the cool, the traditional and the modern. It is a contradiction of sorts represented by the progressive Filipino’s cosmopolitan taste that is strongly grounded to a rich past. From the modern interpretation of the sulihiya and its deliberate juxtaposition with elements that are undeniably contemporary, one can’t help but notice that the Filipino has become a t



In this ultra modern office/den, we see how steel and glass are harmoniously fused to create a one of a kind interior. Built for a woman with an active lifestyle, this room uses a monochromatic theme of russet combined with shades of black and off-white.




Posing in the living room, rich dark purple brocade sits diagonally radiating the richness of life and warmth within the area balancing naughty and nice pieces and complementing this particular focal point with the over all look of this booth. Inspired by the silhouette of a traditional Filipino sofa, a crown resembling and thus, establishing corona.



Clean lines, geometric shapes, and shiny surfaces rule this modern condo living room. With its eye-catching red and black accents and subtle retro flavor, this living space definitely demands attention.





This booth highlights two exquisite seating furniture pieces with the intention of capturing two significant parts of the banana plant, particularly, the divan mimicking the dahon ng saging, and the lounge chair in likeness of the puso. The curvilinear patterns on the ceiling soften the strong feel of the accent stones on the walls and floor. Sound made by the water element offers a calm and relaxing mood. Adding the right illumination and mixing theme-related accents unify the whole look.



An achromatic lounge designed for him in black, gray, and off -white hues giving one a feeling of defined space. Non – traditional ethnic furniture pieces with a boast of woven leather complements the mixed use of bricks, glass and leather sets it apart. The homogenous Italian white tiled floor combined with an area of narra planks averts the viewer’s attention to the walls done in leather. A floor length mirror on the opposite side of the leather wall dutifully reflects the image. A freedom wall in a 4-sectioned glass acts as a white board for doodles and endless ideas.



Begin life with style in mind. If you are tired of traditional baby’s merchandise then “Julia” has the answer for you. The nursery’s over-all look and products are designed to appeal to little eyes, minds and hands while still fitting in with the look you have worked so hard to put together for the rest of your home. The use of a non-traditional color scheme and designed with clean lines and geometric palates allows the room to grow together with the little one’s unique personality. Don’t settle for generic furniture and décor for your baby either.







A room that adds spice to your life, “RIKADO” is functional though inviting… versatile albeit minimal. It’s a space where the ardent chef is inspired to create his works of art which can be both a serious feast and a simple meal. It is an ideal working space that exudes sophistication yet caters to the Filipino culture a working space fit for any Filipino family. It’s a fresh take on your modern day kitchen.



With fine craftsmanship and comfortable furniture piece from “Diseño Pacifico”, the bar stool, ottoman and the inviting coziness of the lounge chair which has cushions made from canvas fabric and the skeletal framings weave with abaca that perfectly defines the modern fabulous Filipino tastes of furniture design. The random white square pattern on the wall continuously flows thru the ceiling compliments the dark colored carpet and the black leather padded wall that absorbs sounds inside the bar.

Forty, Filipino, and Fabulous
PSID pays tribute to Filipino furniture makers in “F3”