PSID 45th Anniversary

Generations: A Legacy of Design Education

The Philippine School of Interior Design on its 45th Anniversary

For the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID), the year 2012 marks an important milestone – 45 years of excellence, family and legacy. Throughout its years of existence, PSID has steadily become a prominent presence in both the academe and design community alike.

A History of Academic Excellence

In the mid-60s, the idea of establishing a design school was formed when Engr. Agustin Cancio and Mrs. Herminia Layug noticed the increasing number of socialites interested in practicing interior design. They promptly commissioned Edith Oliveros to design a certificate course program in Interior Design. A Board of Advisers, including acclaimed architect Lor Calma and National Artist Napoleon Abueva, was created.

In June 1967, the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID). was established in Makati. The school only offered a four-term Basic Course. To cater to those interested in a higher level of design education, a decade later, the Advanced Course was introduced. In 1979, the first thesis exhibit was mounted and has become a continuing annual tradition since.

The school’s graduates continued to excel in the board exams with two of its current faculty, IDr Jie Pambid and IDr Michael Pizarro garnering top honors in 1994 and 1995 respectively; and as the school garnered continuous recognition from the design industry, partnerships with other institutions and companies were also established. This cemented PSID’s stature in the industry.

A Family of Design Educators

The strength of the school lies in its faculty of practicing design professionals. At any given term, a roster of over twenty professors teaches various specialized design subjects. These passionate professors have become an inspiration to students, so much so that many of the school faculty are actually PSID alumni. Spanning four generations of PSID alumni-turned-faculty throughout the school’s history, the PSID faculty has become a family of educators with a continuing legacy handed down to every generation.

For Nardy Aquino, one of PSID’s pioneer professors, his enjoyment of teaching stems from his desire to communicate and pass on what he has learned through his design experiences. This personal take on teaching has inspired many, including Jie Pambid, now Dean and Director for External Affairs.

With previously acquired units in Psychology and Education, Jie Pambid was offered a teaching position by Rosemarie Bautista, the PSID Dean at the time.

On his 39th year as a professor, Arch. Gene Flancia is a second-generation faculty. He is inspired by his co-teachers’ love for teaching and PSID’s dynamic environment. He shares that if one has students with an age bracket from sixteen to sixty, ”it’s interesting to see the bravado of youth compared to the refinement of maturity.”

Sophia Ojeda, an Advanced Class Professor, is constantly inspired by the student creativity. “It keeps me young ang more open,” she shares. When asked what makes her stay on as a professor, she says it’s 30% teaching and 70% faculty camaraderie.

Belonging to the youngest generation of teachers is Geraldine Verga who never thought nor dreamed of becoming a teacher until she was inspired by the passion of her Professors and/or Mentors. She realized that talking in front of an audience comes naturally. Imparting knowledge to students makes one grow as an individual.

Over the years, the bonds of this academic family have been strengthened through their shared love for design, the fulfillment from teaching and the camaraderie as fellow design professionals.

A Legacy for Generations to Come

By June 2013, PSID’s certificate course program extends into a full-fledged bachelor’s degree program through the establishment of the Philippine School of Interior Design – Ahlen Institute, Inc.. On the same note, a sister school, the Rosario College of Business, Arts and Tourism in Cavite will also open its doors to offer a B.S. Interior Design degree, the school also plans to offer courses in Entrepreneurship, Tourism major in Airline Management.

Ms. Rosario Cancio Yujuico, the school owner and president, shares that PSID has come a long way since its beginnings as a design school catering to socialites. Since 1967, the school’s four pillars: the faculty, students, staff and curriculum, have all come together in establishing PSID’s legacy in the design industry.

For 45 years, the continuing inspiration between teachers and students have given PSID a spirit and energy unlike any other. The study and teaching of design has come full circle, and the passion for design is very much alive in its halls.